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A Baby Cum Adult Weighing Scale is the one that can take the weight of a Neonatal also and an …

1. Your Baby Weighing Scale should have a big tray to support the baby While purchasing a Baby Weighing Scale …

Choosing a Lab Scale Lab Scales Capacity may not be very high. However, they are extremely accurate and are used …

Choosing a Crane Weighing Scale (Also called Digital Crane Weighing Machines) can be a tedious task. For one, It is …

Customer Reviews

Harsh Shodhan Chief Food Visualizer / Executive Chef at The Gourmet Kitchen & Studio

Have used a few of their weighing scales at home and at my professional kitchen. Must say very professional way of working Post inquiry and placing order, the product was delivered promptly and installed. There were follow up calls to check after a few days whether the scales were working fine. Very impressed with their services. Keep up the good work!!!

Sanjeev MehraFounding Partner at Trivi Interiors

Hindustan Scale company is one of the market leaders in its category and they manufacture the best weighing scales in India which caters to all segments and requirements as per customers across the board. We are extremely satisfied by their products.

Akash DoshiManaging Director at S Doshi Papers Industries Pvt Ltd

Hindustan Scale Company, is truly reliable and worthy of providing the correct knowledge of the type of scale one should use. They have complete knowledge of various verticals and what is the need of the customer. Of course they back this knowledge up with equally good product line

Dr. Jafferhusein SuraPrincipal Owner at Dr Jafferhusein Sura's ENT Centre and Consultant doctor at Saifee hospital

Very good service & Highly Recommended.

Nitin GandhiCEO at Bharat Auto Works

One of the Oldest Company in weighing scales who are constantly innovating by adding the latest technology into their products to continue being at the top of their industry.

HSCo has been manufacturing Digital Weighing Scale & has been supplying to the world since 1955. We manufacture Digital Weighing Scales that are Affordable & can be purchased by everyone. All Our Weighing Scales Are Manufactured in India, a tradition that we have been following since our inception. However, we realize that there are countries that are far advanced in Weighing Scale Technology.

Technological Advances

Discovery, Invention, Innovation, Research, and Development

Affordable Weighing Scales

Customers were able to purchase Electronic Scale at a low cost from the Hindustan Scale Company.

Same Day Weighing Scale Delivery

Weighing Scales are delivered within 3 hours anywhere in Mumbai on the same day.

Headquartered in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India, our Digital Weighing Scales have been recognized as Innovative and functional the world over. We manufacture Electronic Weighing Scales with accuracy as low as 0.01 Micro Gram to Weigh the particles in Atmosphere, to Digital Weighing Scales with a maximum capacity of more than 500000 Kilograms (to Weighing Containers on Freight Stations). We Manufacture Weighing Machines for the Aerospace Engineering Industry, Precision Weighing Scales for the Pharma Industries, and Crane Scales for the Steel Industry. Most of our weighing scales are exported all over the world.

We have a Vision to see the World Weighing Honestly, and a Mission “To Get Our Affordable Weighing Scales to Every Person”. We also realize that our growth should not be at the expense of Mother Nature. As a result, we’ve set a lofty goal of being carbon-neutral by December 2025 and carbon-positive by December 2029. As a result, we are investing heavily not only in shaping the future of how the world weighs, but also in ensuring that prosperity does not come at the expense of future generations.

Lastly, at HSCo, we understand that the World, and specifically India has been hit hard by the Covid-19 Pandemic. In an effort to reduce the hardships, we have decided to supply all weighing scales needed by any medical facilities and those assisting medical facilities across the country at a fraction of the cost.

This would include Bed Weighing Scales, Wheel Chair Scales, Neo-Natal Weight Scales, Baby Scales, Baby cum Adult Scales, Bluetooth Doctors Scales. In addition, the industries supplying oxygen to medical facilities would be eligible for Crane Scales, Weigh Bridges, Heat Proof Crane Scales, Crane Scales with Printers, and Heavy Duty Platform Scales. The Medical Laboratories are eligible for Lab Scales, Precision Scales, Ultra Precision Scales, Micro Balances, Semi-Micro Balances, Analytical Balances, and Industrial Precision Balances. We urge you to also help with whatever you can because this is OUR country and we have to protect it at any cost.

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