What is a Keto Scale?






Well, we have all heard of the Keto Diet… But how do you know if your Keto diet is effective or is going on as planned? You need to monitor it using a measuring tape and a weighing scale. Not just any type of weighing scale, but specially made HSCo SRS471 – BMI Body Weighing scale.





The HSCo SRS471 – BMI Body Weighing scale is not just any weighing scale. It measures the complete Body Mass Index of your body giving you a very accurate picture of what is the fat percentage or your body, what is the bone mass, etc… This is highly beneficial for maintaining the overall well-being of the body even after you are off the Keto Diet.

The HSCo SRS471 – BMI Body Weighing scale uses highly sensitive probes to send a high-frequency pulse through your body. This pulse is completely safe, even for pregnant women and children. The scale is linked to your mobile phone and gives you several parameters such as





Visceral Fat

Bone Mass


If you track those on a daily basis, even after your Keto Diet is over, you will have a very healthy body.

The detailed brochure of the HSCo SRS471 – BMI Body Weighing scale is attached below

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