Four Loadcell Machine Vs Single Loadcell Machine

Four Loadcell Machine Vs Single Loadcell Machine

What is a Loadcell

It is a device that measures force. Loadcells in a platform scale can measure a compression force, which is a force pushing down onto the device. Loadcells in a crane scale can measure a tension force, which is a force pulling away from the device.

Single Loadcell Machines

What is a Single Loadcell Machine

In a single Loadcell Machine, there is a central Loadcell that measures a compression force.

As shown in the figure above, if the Load is applied on the pressure plate, there is a compression force acting on the Variac because of which the internal equilibrium gets disturbed. Proportionately, the scale shows the value of pressure – in our case the weight – on the place. Most of the scales manufactured use this type of construction.

The spacer allows the Loadcell to bend in both directions so that the weight can be accurately gauged.

Advantages of a single Loadcell Machine

  • Single Loadcell machines are comparatively cheaper.
  • Construction is much simpler
  • Repair and Maintenance is easier


Disadvantages of a Single Loadcell Machine

  • If the Center of Gravity of the Weight is towards the edge of the Platform Scale then there is a sheering force on the Loadcell resulting in permanent damage to the Loadcell
  • The Single Loadcell Structures are usually not water and dust resistant
  • If heavy loads are put towards the center of the Loadcells then the sheering force will damage the structure of the Loadcell resulting in incorrect weight
  • The ground clearance of these scales is higher which is a problem for heavy weights that need to be lifted fairly off the ground
  • If the leveling of the scale is not done properly then there is a significant weight variation.


In what cases should you use a single loacell machine

  • If the loads are not too heavy, typically below 500 kgs and if the placement of the load is near the center of the loading plate i.e. close to the Center of Gravity of the Loadcell.
  • If the platform size is 750*750mm or lower.
  • If the loads are voluminous but not very heavy, like textile or cotton

Four Loadcell Machines

What is a Four Loadcell Machine

Epoxy Painted steel structure is extremely durable and prevents rusting for an extended period of time.


Adjustable feet allow leveling even on an uneven floor hereby transferring optimal force to the sensors in the Loadcells and ultimately having a more accurate reading.


Four Loadcells Configuration

Advantages of a Four Loadcell Machine

  • Since there are four sensors, even if the weight is put on the edges of the scale, the weight is accurate and the structure nor the Loadcell is at risk.
  • Usually the Loadcells used in these types of structures are IP67 or IP68 meaning that they are dust and water resistant
  • The Ground Clearance of these scales is very low which means that heavy Loads donot have to be lifted too much top load on the scale platform
  • Usually the sheer beam Loadcells used in a four Loadcell Machines are of a higher capacity hereby making it more resistant to Loading and unloading stresses, impulses and vibrations
  • Since these machines have self-adjusting screws, even if there is a small variation in the surface, the variation in weight is miniscule


In what cases should you use a 4 Loadcell machine

  • When there are heavy loads especially metals whose density is very high
  • When there is a possibility of loading the material on the edge of the scale
  • When the scale is subjected to impulse loading or stressful loading and unloading
  • When the scale is exposed to natural elements like outdoor in the yard, etc
  • When the surface where the scale is placed is not even.
  • When the Loads cannot be lifted far off the ground like in case of metals or construction site


Industries where four Loadcell machines are very popular

  • Metals
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas


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