Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari

Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari


This Company was created by me as it followed my own story where I happened to gain 20 kgs of weight 6 years back due to my pregnancy. I was also going through a bad Phase Health wise. One day I decided to start my own journey in a positive way where I managed to lose 20 kgs of weight and gain back my confidence. That’s what became my passion and it led me to study nutrition and put my step forward in building Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari.

It’s a motivation to work and learn new things everyday as health and nutrition is a vast subject. The diet what I plan, is based on healthy living wherein I believe it’s not a temporary plan, but a permanent lifestyle adaptation that you gain following the diet plan by me. It is necessary to understand the importance of healthy eating as many people believe in short term diets as they expect faster results but the reality check is when they gain access weight once they stop the short term diet plans. If you eat all the nutrients in a balanced quantity you will never be deficient of any micro nutrients. Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari aims at making the plan so interesting with a lot of variant options provided for all the meals which doesn’t lead to boredom while following the diet plan.

Five Tips to follow during Lockdown that would keep you Healthy


  • Drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day. This may sound like a lot but its essential. Because we sit in Air Conditioned rooms and are focussed towards work, we supress our natural tendency to drink water. But that suppression is what is leading to hypertension and kidney stones. In women it leads to UTI. Fun fact – Brain is 80% water. If you want to be fresh and energised throughout the day, drink water throughout the day.
  • Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if you hate them, eat them as a medicine. There are more than 200 diseases that are caused by not eating FRESH produce. We are lucky living in India where the price of fresh produce is less than processed foods. In the western and developed countries it’s the opposite. So use the advantage that you have to live longer and healthier
  • NEVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. I cannot stress this enough. During the night the body slows down. It doesnot reactivate unless its given a boost of energy. That’s why its essential to have a good breakfast. Not just have a light beverage. Have a good breakfast and you will see the difference in energy levels throughout the day. You may have a light lunch and dinner. But never a light breakfast.
  • Make a list of things that you want to get from the supermarket and stick to it. This will subconsciously help you not to buy Junk and Sugars that are toxins for your body (Accordingly to me, its sugar that is slowly decreasing your life). Avoid processed foods.
  • I believe that every body is a different. So its no point generalizing the Diets. What will work for one person, might not work for someone else. So leave a message on my facebook or Instagram page @Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari. I will be sure to reply to all your queries. Also don’t forget to like us.

I used to use a different weighing scale when I started with business which was quite heavy and difficult to carry but since the time I stared using the Bluetooth machine from Hindustan Scale Company I have been at ease as it measures entire body parameters like fats, muscle, water percentage and BMI on its app and its easily portable .I recommend this scale to all my clients as it’s quite economic ,portable and can be utilized by al the family members .I highly recommend the weighing scales with confidence.

Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari is a one stop solution to all your weight loss and weigh gain issues. Every plan is especially tailored by me, and is a simple but effective way towards your healthy lifestyle goals

Why Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari? Well, unlike other nutritionists, I regularly follow up with you, and just like a personal trainer will push you towards achieving your goal of being healthy and loosing weight. I monitor all your parameters using the Alpha SRS472 bluetooth scale that is highly portable and gives more than BMI parameters on your mobile phone.


Saloni Kothari, is one of the foremost Nutritionists in Mumbai. She has coached various Business personalities such as Akash Doshi (Owner of Sure Fix and Slick Fix), Vaishali Doshi (Owner and chief stylist of Vaishali Doshi Jewels), Varun Jhunjhunwala (Chief Officer of Momente Weddings) and Jigar Satra (owner of Reliable Prints).

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