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Absolutely Yes. There is no second thought about it. All the scales that leave HSCo’s factory are 100% Legal Metrology Approved and a certificate for the same will be issued to the customer. If you take an electronic scale then an original certificate will accompany the scale. If you take a Mechanical Scale then a photocopy of the certificate will accompany the scale.

If you need a special scale made as per your requirements or if you need to incorporate any specific software in your scale, please mail us at [email protected]:// We will be able to make a scale that is customized as per your requirements.

Why do you purchase any weighing scale. So that you are assured that the scale shows you the right weight, always. Now will the scale be any good, if its cheap but does not show you the right weight. So now what is the worth of a scale that would always show the right weight, extremely rugged, has telephonic support if it breaks down and can be serviced from anywhere in India? It would be worth a lot more than an ordinary scale that is imported or that is made by an unknown company, using imported parts.

What we promise all our customers is that when you purchase from HSCo, you will always be paying the right price for any product. We do not guarantee that we are the cheapest, but we guarantee that our products are the best value for money.

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