How to Select the Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in 5 easy Steps

How to Select the Best Kitchen Scale in 5 easy Steps

Why do you use a Kitchen Scale? To make your cakes and breads. To measure the cream, you are about to put in your Pasta. Or maybe if you are extremely rich – To weigh your gold ornaments. For whatever purpose you are using the kitchen scale, you have to be sure, it gives you the right weight every time.

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Kitchen Scale with SS PlateTo make sure you purchase the best kitchen scale, follow the below steps

  • The Company is Registered with the Legal Meteorology Department of India.

You may ask, why is this necessary. That’s because most of the weighing scales that are shipped to customers are not even tested by the dealer. If it’s not tested, how do we know its showing the right weight. Well, a Government License holder will have to verify each scale from the Legal Meteorology Department and only then they can sell it further. While getting it verifies, the scale gets thoroughly tested for not only the accuracy, but also the durability. If you buy such weighing scales on Amazon or Flipkart, in most cases, it has absolutely no guarantee that the weight is right.

  • The Scale is made of Food Grade Materials.

Look for this declaration on the packaging. If its not there, there is a high chance its made of carcinogenic materials. You definitely don’t want to take things measured on this, in your body. Also Food Grade Materials are more resistant to cracks and dents, hereby increasing the life of the scale.

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  • It has to be Water Resist and Heat Resistant

In kitchen what are the two most familiar elements… Definitely water and fire. So isn’t it logical that your weighing scale has to be Water and Hear Resistant. Also when you are using the weighing scale, your hands may be dirty. The scales would be washed regularly and also, just in case oil or something else could just spill over the scale that has to be cleaned. If the scale is not water Resistant, that would be the last day of your precious possession

  • It should have a Tare Button

In 9 out of 10 times, you will first put a container on the weighing scale, then put the contents in the container and then weigh. Instead of sitting with a calculator in the kitchen doesn’t it make more sense that the weight of the container can be subtracted from the total weight giving you the net weight of the ingredients. This functionality is introduced by the TARE button.

  • You should be Able to Repair it

All Electronic Scales will invariably go bad. So they must be able to be services and repaired. DONOT buy weighing scales that cannot be serviced. Also Always take a warranty and make sure that the warranty is enforceable. This also means avoid buying online from Marketplaces like AMAZON and FLIPKART as the seller is sitting in a remote village and there is no question of getting it services.

I have not mentioned the price aspect anywhere. If you buy a cheap Scale, it will invariably go bad and will not have a life expectancy as you would have in mind. If you spend a little more, you will get a Guaranteed Product with all the necessary certifications and documents. A kitchen scale from Hindustan Scale Company – Alpha Series or Blue Whale Series would not cost you more than 2500 for a two Years warranty and One Year Government Stamping.

Why are HSCo Kitchen scales the best for you?

  • Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo) is Registered with the Legal Meteorology Department since 1955. We were one of the first companies to develop the Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales. Each and every kitchen scale that we manufacture goes through rigorous testing and only after that the sent to the Government Department for their seal.
  • All of Hindustan Scale Company’s Kitchen Scales are made of Food Grade Stainless Steel or Food Grade Plastic. They are completely safe to use with all eatables. We have been supplying our kitchen scales to professional bakers, Baking and cooking classes and Food Processing companies like Lijjat Papad since 1964.
  • All of HSCo’s Kitchen scales are Water Resistant and Heat Resistant. That’s why they can be used in the harshest of conditions without any adverse effects on the Scale’s Performance.
  • All of Hindustan Scale Company’s (HSCo’s) weighing scales have a tare button that is 100% of the full Load capacity. However heavy your container is, you can zero the scale and start weighing.

All of Hindustan Scale Company’s weighing scales come with a two years’ warranty and one-year Government stamping. They will be serviced by our technicians without any hassles. We also have a partnership channel of over 1440 dealers and service centers all over the country where you scale can be taken for servicing and maintenance.


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