A HSCo Weighing Scale System is a combination of one or more HSCo Weighing Scale Devices that are interconnected, so as to produce a unified result. Let’s take the example of a Weighbridge. In this, a group of HSCo Loadcells are connected to the HSCo Junction Box that will give the result on either HSCo Intellinet Indicator, HSCo Intellinet Desktop Application or HSCo Intellinet Android Application. It differs in concept from a simple HSCo weighing scale, because its more complicated and more engineering per unit weight of the product goes in the HSCo Weighing Scale System.

Additionally, unlike the Electronic Weighing Scales, the Weighing scale systems are not mass produced. They are make as per specific customer requirements and each piece is different from the other. In short, if you buy a HSCo Weighing Scale System from Hindustan Scale Company, you can rest assured that it is the only one of its kind in the world. You own a personalized piece of Cutting Edge of Engineering Technology

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