Batching Plants

Concrete is the basics of all construction in the modern world. Without Concrete there will be no Construction Industry, No warehouses, no offices, no homes, no warehouses and NO Cities. Where ever you see a solid structure around you, you know for sure that its made up of concrete.


When Concrete is manufactured, construction companies usually make use of Weighing Scale Systems known as Batching Plants.


Batching Plants (also called as a Concrete Plant, Concrete Batching Plant or simply a Batch Plant) are a usual sight at big construction sites. These machines are usually used to make concrete out of the raw ingredients.

At HSCo we make the below two types of Batching Plants

  • The HSCo Dry Mix Batching Plant – HSCODMP Series
  • The HSCo Wet Mix Batching Plant – HSCOWMP Series
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