HSCo Tank Weighing System – HSCTWS Series

What is a Tank Weighing System?

As the name suggest, a Tank weighing system is something that weights tanks. The principal is that simple. So, in theory, there is a tank, that is mounted on the Loadcells. As and when the tank is filled, the indicator will show you how much of the tank is filled, with the Liter (if there is a Liquid in the tank) or Kg (if there is a powder in the tank) reading. According the purchase can be gauged, the mixture can be prepared, or the Raw material can be ordered.

However, there are some practical difficulties in building of a tank weighing system

  • There is always a dead load on the Loadcells. Hence special types of Loadcells have to be used for the Tank weighing system.
  • The Loadcells have to be Hermetically sealed, so they have to be rated IP68 or higher.
  • If the configuration is not done properly, the reading will always be erroraneos. In the worst case the tank may fall down resulting in massive loss of material and sometimes loss of life.
  • There is constant rusting of the parts.
  • The Loadcell, if need to be replaced, the whole tank cannot be emptied. So it has to be done in the working plant.

Above are just some of the problems that have to be tackled while making a tank weighing system. Hence It is imperative that you install the system by an experienced technician.


Who should go for a Tank Weighing System

If you have the following problems, you should be thinking about installing an HSCo Tank Weighing System.

  • Your tank is continuously being added with materials and on the other hand, the contents are continuously being used, and you have no idea how much of material is there in the tank at any given point of time
  • If your tank is going out of Raw Materials often
  • If your tank overflows too often because you order too much of contents for the tank
  • If Raw materials are being added into your tanks, and the finished products is the output of the tank and if yours is a continuous flow system, you definitely need a Tank Weighing System.



Why Should you go for the Hindustan Scale Company’s Tank Weighing System

The HSCTWSXX series is the most advanced Tank Weighing System in the industry. Its built upon cutting edge Hardware and Revolutionary Software, which would make definitely make things easier for you. Following are some of the Advantages of our system

  • The HSCTWXX series uses self balancing Loadcells. This means that whenever a Loadcell has gone bad, you just need to replace it with another HSCo loadcell and give the connection into the junction box, and you are good to go. You donot have to empty the tank for recalibration, and waste valuable production time
  • The HSCTWXX Series is bluetooth enabled. This means that you will get alerts if your system goes outside the parameters that you have set. Something like if you have set the Tank to hold 500 litres of a liquid and if the continuous flow make the liquid more than 500 kgs, you will immediately get an SMS on your system. This is especially important if you have your entire system as a continuous system for mixing Raw Materials
  • The HSCTWXX Series can be interfaced with your existing ERP system. That means that you can control the production flow through your computer.
  • The HSCTWXX Series uses a high precision 64 bit architecture in the Terminals as well as in the Junction Box. This means that you get a stable reading that is extremely accurate. Also, the system is highly resistant to electrical surges and fluctuations.
  • The HSCTWXX Series uses only the best materials from reputed vendors for the construction of the whole system. We are so confident of our quality of our product that we offer an industry leading 5 years warranty on them (Yes FIVE YEARS) Needless to say all our components are water resist, fire resist and Vibration Resist
  • The HSCTWXX Series can take high temperatures of the Tank without any Hysterisys effects. This means that you can have very hot liquids in the tank for longer periods of time, and it will not affect the readings of the system.


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