What are Weigh Checking Scales?

In any Manufacturing environment, the packaging is usually automatic or Semi-Automatic at a very high speed (If you donot have the packaging plant that is automated, then you would want to buy one). Though Machines usually don’t make mistakes, there is supposed to be some kind of quality check before the finished product is shipped out.

Lets take the example of Mr Akash Doshi (fictitious character), who manufactures detergents and bar soaps on his machines. He has an automated plant to do the packaging however, when the goods come out of the packaging plant, he has a person, Lakshmi Tai (Fictitious Person) sitting to do the QC. The disadvantage of a Lakshmi Tai at the QC Table is

  • At 100 soap bars produced per minute, the Lakshmi’s eyes cannot judge the difference between a 100 gm soap bar, a 120 gm soap bar and a 80 gm soap bar. They all look the same on the production line.
  • It’s a very Mundane job. Lakshmi can be attentive for the first hour, but not for an 8 hour shift. She does a lot of mistakes not because she is not attentive, but because the human brain is not equipped to do this kind of work
  • If a packaged soap of 120gm is shipped to the customer, instead of 100 gm, and lets say the factory makes 100,000 soaps in a day, and 10% of the soaps has this problem, then the loss to Akash is 20 gm * 100000 * 10% = 200 kgs of soap. Assuming the soap is 80 kg then the Loss to the company is 200 * 80 = 16000/-. And this affects the Bottomline.
  • If the packaged Soap is 80 gms and shipped to the customer, instead of 100 gms, then you lose face and goodwill in front of the customer. In worst case you are taken to the Legal Metrology Department, accused of short filling and fines 200 per soap bar short packed. This results in a fine of 200 * 100000 * 10 % = 20,00,000/-(TWENTY LAKHS).
  • Any Lakshmi Tai, though not that effective is taking a salary of 15,000 or 20,000 from you without any value add. And she is not happy with the job she is doing.
  • So it’s a Loose-Loose situation for all. Your companies looses money either ways, Lakshmi Tai will want to leave, and the consumer doesnot know what to expect from your brand.

The above is a REAL EXAMPLE, only the names are changed. The manufacturer is still one of the largest Manufacturers of Cleaning Agents in the Country.

What is Hindustan Scale Company’s HSCWCS400 Series

Hindustan Scale Company’s HSCWCS400 Series of Weigh Checking Machines, are complex machines which do three main functions

  • They weigh your products at very high speeds and gives an audio Visual output if the Weigh of the item is beyond specified limits (Identification)
  • They are connected to a relay system, so that if products are overweight, they are pushed to a separate Bin, and if they are underweight, they are pushed in a separate bin. And if they are in specified weight limits, they are allowed to produce to the next stage of packaging (Segregation)
  • The will send you a details analysis of which type of products are overweight, which are underweight, how many products were rejected, what is the plant average. And how does it compare with the industry average. – (Data Analysis and Reporting)

HSCWCS400 Series can be connected to your existing ERP system. Additionally, its plug and play. No additional programs need to be installed in your machine.

Why is HSCWCS400 Series one of the leading weigh checkers in the Industry?

Akash Contacted Hindustan Scale Company to install the HSCWCS400-XL Machine. It’s the machine which is installed just after the single packaging unit, and before its box packed. The system was connected with his existing ERP system which ran on Windows. After the stabilizing of the system, the HSCWCS400-XL was tuned to check 150 Soap Bar per minute (impossible for any human to do). This increased the productivity of the Packaging plant also, and more importantly, because the exact process that led to smaller or larger soaps was identified, the rejection were less than 0.1%.

Akash saved 16,000 per day in bad batches, and was able to churn out 50% more capacity out of his existing infrastructure. The HSCWCS400-XL has paid for itself by now, and Lakshmi Tai was reassigned to increasing the quality of the soap bars, where she is much happier. Additionally, because the HSCWCS400 Series is Bluetooth enabled, Akash can check the real time reports from his Mobile or home computer.

Which industries really need the HSCWCS400 Series

  • Agri Foods based companies
  • Chemical Companies
  • Pharma Companies
  • Bulk Drug Manufacturers
  • Meat, Fish and Poultry Industry
  • Any Industry that has an Automated Packaging Unit
  • All companies who want to scale up their operations
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