What is a Weigh Bridge?

Weighbridges, as the name suggests, are Weighing Scales that are as big as bridges (small bridges). The name was invented after the World War I, where battle tanks used to lay small bridges over trenches. Similarly, a weigh bridge is essentially a trench on which a metallic or RCC bridge is laid, so that vehicles can be weighed over them.

Weighbridges are generally used to Weigh Trucks and Vehicles carrying goods. Every commercial Vehicle would have a Tare Weight that would be written on it. When it is weighed on the Weigh Bridge, the gross weight is calculated and the difference between the two would give the Nett Weight of the Goods that the vehicle is carrying.

Every Weighbridge would have the following components

  • The Platform of the Weigh Bridge – On which the Vehicle Stands
  • The Control room – Where the Computer calculating the weight is Housed
  • The Loadcell Assembly – Where the Loadcells are mounted and connected to the Junction Box
  • The Way the Platform and the Loadcells are arranged.

At HSCo we manufacture Four Types of Weigh Bridges.

  • The HSCo Pitless Type Weighbridges – HSCLTW Series
  • The HSCo Pit Type Weighbridges – HSCPTW Series
  • The HSCo RCC Type of Weigh Bridges – HSCRCTWB Series
  • The HSCo Mobile Type Weigh Bridges – HSCMTW Series
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