A Mobile Weigh Bridge – As the name suggests – needs no permanent foundation.

It just requires a flat surface on which the entire assembly can be built up. The assembly consists of the following parts

  • The Loadcells and the configuration
  • The steel or MS Plates on which the wheels of the vehicle can rest
  • The Computer Panel which can show the weight

Since the whole structure is on Nuts and Bolts, its extremely easy to construct these weighbridges. The installation cost is less than 50% of the Permanent Weigh Bridges. The HSCo Mobile Type Weigh Bridges – HSCMTW Series can be assembled by a trained technician in less than five hours. Yes, you can have the complete Weighbridge up and running in 5 hours flat. Uninstallation takes less than three hours.

These Weighbridges are most suited for temporary installations and construction sites. Since the whole structure is completely dismountable, it is easy to shift it around frequently. In fact even the computer system provided with this type of weighbridge is laptop based. Meaning that the operator just has to plug in the wires to the laptop and the system will start. As mentioned the HSCMTW needs less than five hours to set-up.

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