The HSCo Pit Type Weighbridges – HSCPTW Series

The HSCPTW series is most suitable in places that may have limited space. Perhaps a small construction site where digging up a pit is easy. Also at a construction site, labor is easily available and hence it turns out to be cost effective.

The construction of HSCPTW Series is such that, the pit is dug up, reinforced by concrete pillars as per our designs on which the Loadcells are mounted. Our Technician will do the configuration and the cabling. Labor can build the cabin where the computer and other electronics has to be housed and we are ready to go.

The following are the advantages of using a HSCPTW Series Weighbridge from Hindustan Scale Company

  • Since the Weighbridge platform is at level with the ground, vehicles can be loaded on it from any angle. This is one of the biggest advantage of the Pit Type Weigh Bridge
  • Space required is comparatively less because there are no ramps.
  • Vehicles with Lower Ground Clearance can also be weighed as the Weigh Bridge is at ground level.
  • The HSCPTW Series uses a 64-bit Hardware and Software Architecture that makes then extremely reliable and robust. The accuracy of the digitizers is maintained even after 10,000 weighs on the machine.
  • We use only the best possible materials from the most reputable Vendors for the HSCPTW Series of Weigh Bridges. This is especially important as when the vehicle that is loaded on the weigh bridge, the whole steel structure is exposed to the stress and strains equivalent to the Load of the Vehicle. HSCPTW Series Weighbridges are designed very carefully to withstand 100 % overloads without damage and are extremely durable. Additionally, the Steel and MS Plates used in the manufacture of girders and plates used in HSCPTW Series Weighbridge platforms are selected very carefully from Leading Vendors and undergo stringent quality checks as per ISI & ISO Standards.
  • Mounting of the Loadcells and their configurations is extremely important for the HSCPTW Series of Weigh Bridges. It is this assembly that will determine the accuracy and repeatability of the Weighbridge as it transfers the Load from the platform to the Loadcells. The patented cradle assembly and struts structures used in the HSCPTW Series of Weigh Bridges give them a guaranteed repeatability of more than 10,000 weighments without the need for any maintenance.
  • The HSCPTW Series of Weigh Bridges use Low Resistance cabling and Weather Proof HSCo Junction Box, that doesnot distort even the slightest electrical pulse that is sent from the Highly precise Loadcells at the bottom of the plate. The specialized cabling is especially imported from Spain to make sure that there is no loss of Signal. The HSCo junction Box is fully moulded and houses the terminal blocks for interconnection of loadcell outputs. It also carries a set of surge arrestors, to protect the entire Electronic System from lightning and electrical surges.
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