The HSCo Pitless Type Weighbridges – HSCPLTW Series

The HSCo Pitless Type Weighbridges – HSCPLTW Series, as the name suggest, doesnot need any pit to be dug in the land. However, the space where the construction of this weighbridge is being done, has to be flat. The HSCPLTW Series is most suitable where the civil work is difficult or costly. However the payoff is that, there needs to be ramps for the vehicles to go up the Weighbridge and to come back down. So that vehicles can go up the ramp only from a specific point.

Also because the ramp has to be atleast 3 meters to give a good slope to avoid stress to the engine of the vehicle, the length of the entire assembly is more than 10 meters. So it can only be used where there is ample of space.

The main advantages of the Pit less type weighbridge is

  1. Construction of the Pit underground is completely eliminated. This makes this model more cost effective as compared to the Pit-Type Weigh Bridges.
  2. Since the whole structure is above the ground there is a lower chance of waterlogging during the monsoons
  3. The problem of pit maintenance is completely eliminated.
  4. The maintenance becomes somewhat easy since all the parts are accessible from above ground level.

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