At Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo) we understand that high prices are one of the main deterrents of capital investments in Manufacturing plants. Hence we try to come up with innovative solutions to keep prices down giving the same, or better quality of output. Therefore, we have come up with the HSCo RCC weighbridges

With steel prices fluctuating heavily, it makes financial sense to install a RCC platform whose prices are more or less stable. Apart from low costs, the HSCo RCC Weighbridge offers high strength and is almost maintenance free, requiring virtually no maintenance. These Weighbridges have a life span of almost ten (10) times longer than a similar dimension pit type or pit less type Weighbridge from other companies. Due to the advantages of the concrete platform, companies having a very high usage of Weighbridges, have been using them for more than thirty years without much maintenance. In Europe almost all of electronic weigh bridges are made with concrete platform because it saves money in a Long Run. To back our claim, we give a warranty on all HSCo RCC Weighbridges of 5 years (Yes.. Thats correct. FIVE YEARS)

As the concrete platform gets longer, the cost saving in terms of installation and maintenance becomes higher. At HSCo we feel that modern day transportation is rapidly moving towards using longer and heavier trucks and trailers. Most of the Automobile manufacturers, are introducing longer models which are capable of carrying heavier and longer payloads. This is the only way automobiles can be made more efficient. The concrete platform weighbridge can bear heavier and longer payloads. That is the prime reason why all modern bridges that one sees on the city roads are either concrete or composite.

A heavily loaded automobile entering any weigh bridge imposes heavy jerks on the platform when it brakes. The resulting vibration reduces the life and accuracy of the load cells used in the construction of the Weighbridges. Vibration is much more in the case of steel as compared to concrete as concrete being inelastic absorbs vibration and steel being one of the most elastic metals transmits the vibrations to the Loadcells used in the construction of the Weighbridge. Hence the HSCo RCC Weighbridges will last you longer, without maintenance and will cost you less.

The following are the Advantages of a HSCo Concrete Platform Weighbridge Over Steel Platform Weighbridges

Cost :

The cost of concrete required for construction of concrete platform is approximately 70% of the cost of an equivalent steel platform. Hence the HSCo RCC Weighbridge will always be more cost efficient as compared to an ordinary Steel or MS Platform Weighbridge.

Material quality :

Quality of steel is usually a problem while procuring due to the presence of a number of local companies which make cheaper and inferior quality steel, thereby decreasing the life & performance of steel, while competing on cost. The grades of steel vary from non-magnetic 202 to the purest form of 304 with varying nickel and cadmium content. Components over a time, go through the sheering and bending movements and sometimes are unable to transfer the load accurately to the Loadcells hereby resulting in wrong readings.

RCC on the other hand can be standardized while making the mix. Onsite construction of concrete platform helps monitor quality. Since Concrete is not that susceptible to bending and sheering you can be rest assured that the reading will be accurate time and again even after 30,000 measurements on the HSCo RCC Weighbridges.

Capacity Increment :

The construction of a HSCo RCC Weighbridge platform is designed in such a way so as to carry a load of more than one hundred tons (100,000 kgs) by using heavy duty load cells and supporting pillar configurations. Hence the capacity of the weighbridge can easily be enhanced up to or more than 100 tons, without incurring any additional cost towards the platform and construction side.

However, in the case of a Steel Platform Weighbridge, the capacity cannot be easily increased with the existing steel frame owing to the thickness of the steel used, the trusses and the beams provided in the original construction and most importantly the quality of the steel or Iron used.

Annual Maintenance :

Due to vibrations in the steel structure during the loading and unloading of the truck, the nuts & bolts slowly loosen and may eventually come off if no maintenance is done. Hence, a Steel or Iron Structure requires periodic tightening of the structure by trained technicians or certified repairers. Also steel rusts due to moisture over a period.

Being a totally concrete structure the HSCo RCC Weighbridge has no rusting of components in concrete platforms hence they are almost maintenance free. One more advantage of using an HSCo RCC platform is that, if the platform gets damaged because of whatever reason, it can easily be repaired (similar to what is done on the RCC Roads and bridges). This is not possible in case of the Steel Weigh Bridges.

Basic Design :

Steel being flexible tends to bend and vibrate when a heavy vehicle comes onto the platform. Hence, there is a lateral pull of the load cells. Ideally the load should be transferred vertically to the Loadcells for accurate and precise readings.

The HSCo concrete platform is one solid monolithic structure. As soon as the vehicle comes over the platform, the load gets evenly distributed to all the load cells. One another advantage is that since the RCC structure can be made bigger for the same price, the load distribution doesnot cause overloading at any one particular spot. This is one of the reasons that the RCC structure Weighbridge has a better life.

Construction :

Steel construction being lighter in weight compared to the weight of the vehicle to be weighed on the platform, a bending effect takes place at the ends. This causes a twisting of the steel frame & causing damage to the structure as well as weighing errors.

The HSCo RCC Weighbridge Platform being one solid monolithic structure has more stability. Additionally, the RCC platform is heavier creating more dead weight, but then the structure as a whole is safer and more durable.


Lightening may not seem like a very big problem but in areas like toll plazas where this is one structure on the surrounding flat landscape, it could be a major problem during the monsoons. All Metals have loose valence electrons prone to electro-static charge and high electric field caused by strong winds and lightening. This may damage the weighing instrumentation and load cells. We have seen cases where the whole system is blown up during monsoons due to a single lightning strike.

However, the HSCo RCC platform of concrete structure is a nonmetallic structure and hence immune to such electrostatic effects, thereby making the system more stable and maintenance free.

Life of the  Weighbridge:

The steel structure gets weak due to rusting and loosening of nuts, bolts and other parts. The horizontal upper plate and other joints have a bending effect after a few years. However, the HSCo RCC Weighbridge’s concrete platform has a very long life and no such bending effect takes place.

Transportation :

Usually the steel structure of the weighbridge is fabricated at the factory and then transported to site by truck for installation. This increases the cost of the weighbridge. The construction of the HSCo RCC Weighbridge concrete platform is done on the site itself hereby reducing the need of costly transportation.

Truck Movement :

Truck movement and the sudden braking tends to break the anti-skid ribs welded onto the steel platform. This requires re-welding of the iron or MS strips (longitudinal sections of metals for easy grip by automobile wheels) by dismantling the load cells, and hence rendering the weighbridge out of use for some time. This is one of the major cost components in the AMC contract that you have on the weighbridges.

In the case of HSCo RCC Weighbridge Platform, vehicle movement is already arrested due to course surface of the concrete platform.

At HSCo, we have installed more than 350 RCC Weighbridges in India, Africa and the Far East. We have over 15 years of experience of making the perfect RCC weighbridge for your needs. Do give us a call and we will be happy to answer your queries on the same.

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