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Axil Weigh Pads – HSCAXWS

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What is an Axil System?

A weighbridge is an expensive option to Weigh Vehicles. The Weigh Pads, though a cost effective method, is not very reliable to weigh vehicles in motion. Also they are not o ground level.

Hence Axil Weighing Scales. These are a smaller version of the Pit Type weigh bridge but weighs individual axil of the vehicle. The digitizer adds all the weights of the axils and gives the total weight of the vehicle as well as individual axil weights.

Axle scales are very popular in the Farming, Trucking and Metal Industries because of the course layout of the environment and a design that is able to be shifted from one place to other.

The low profile of Axil Weighing Systems and ease of use with forklifts makes them transport friendly.

Why should you purchase the Hindustan Scale Company’s HSCAXWS Series

  • Slim profile
  • Easy assembly to any required place
  • Requires minimum space to operate
  • Fully protected weighing platform
  • Resistant to dust, mud, water and snow
  • High weighing accuracy
  • Microprocessor-controlled digital weighing terminal
  • Capable of displaying the weight of each axle

Who should purchase it?

  • The transportation authority of any country will mandate the maximum axil capacity of all vehicles. This is to make sure that the roads remain safe and usable for a long time. If the maximum axil weight is crossed, then it becomes a punishable offence. If you want to avoid this fine, please weigh the axils after loading the vehicles
  • Overloading can damage the vehicle itself. The wear and tear of the axles, drive shafts, tires, steering and breaking system increases. If you feel that your company vehicles are being overloaded, gives you a lot of maintenance problems, or breaks down often, you should get the Axil Weighing system
  • Overloading also endangers everybody on the road. Overloading, causes the vehicles to fail. They may not stop on time and the stopping distance increases. If you want to avoid legal hassles in the future because of these problems, get a axil weighing scale.
  • Overloading will cause your vehicle insurance to be null and void.
  • If you feel that your vehicle consumes a lot of fuel, overloading may be the reason.
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