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Brass Bottle Weights

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Brass Weights are also used to calibrate weighing scales. The metal is inert and does not react with most acids and alkaline materials. Hence, it is the metal of choice for Pharma Companies. However, the only disadvantage of Brass Weights is that they are costly and hence not made in huge quantities. Also, Brass Weights are not the industry standard because of their cost. The cost is almost double of Stainless Steel weights and if you want in bulk, the Stainless Steel Weights also fits the bill. The brass Weights, just like the Stainless Streel Weights are Polished so that dust particles do not sit on the smooth glass-like finish. To make sure that the capacity, etc are not itched onto the scale, the specifications are itched by laser by Hindustan Scale Co. A typical Brass Weight looks like the picture given below.

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