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HSCo Dry Mix Batching Plant – HSCODMP

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The HSCo Dry Mix Batching Plant, has the following main components

  • Feeding Process,
  • Storage of Raw Materials
  • Admixture for mixing the raw materials,
  • Conveyance

Once the Pre-set Mixture parameters are selected on the HSCo DMP Computer application, the raw materials will be added in the Feeding process and as per their weights and aggregator type into the Feeding Process. The control system will then send the material from the Feeding process to the Admixture Process through the Conveyance Process.

The Mixture is mixed thoroughly and then as per the settings will fill the truck with the dry mixture. Another system will input a set amount of water into the Ready Mix Truck that will then transport the concrete to the destination.

The HSCo Dry Mix Batching Plant has several advantages that are mentioned below

  • Since the Concrete Powder is mixed without water, the mixture can attain a more even texture resulting into better mix
  • Since there is no water involved, the HSCo Dry Mix Batching Plants are more efficient and can handle greater volumes of Raw Material.
  • Since all the raw materials and the finished output are in the Powder form, its easier to maintain the system with minimal downtime, hereby increasing productivity of the plant
  • Water is added in the last step in the Truck. This means that there is no wet concrete in the system. Concrete if allowed to stay put even for a short time will form lumps and may spoil the batch. Hence there is more Throughput in the system as compared to a wet Mix Batching Plant
  • The above also means that the concrete is fresh, when it reaches the construction site and you can be sure that its not formed lumps during transit
  • Since the power required to churn the dry materials is comparatively smaller, the plant is more cost efficient to operate
  • If the construction site is at a longer distance, the dry mix plant is better because there is minimal chances of forming of the lumps during transit
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