HSCo Weigh Pads – HSCWP3

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Model Number Pad Dimensions in mm L * B * H Ramp Dimensions in mm Each Pad Maximum Capacity in Tons Axil Capacity in Tons
HSCWP302 350*400*40 350*100 2 4
HSCWP303 400*500*60 400*150 3 6
HSCWP315 450*700*60 450*150 15 30
HSCWP320 500*900*60 500*150 20 40



What is a Weigh-Pad System?

Hindustan Scale Company’s Weigh Pads are used to determine, individual axle weights and the total gross weight of any type of vehicle.  A Weigh Pad System typically consists of one pair of 20 ton portable weigh pads and a weigh indicator. A printer can be attached as an option. Weigh Pads are generally used to determine if a vehicle is within the legal weight limits for roads.  If a vehicle has exceeded the maximum legal axle weight or total gross weight the damage to the roads on which it travels, is 200% more than a normal vehicle loaded at 100% of the Weighing Capacity.

Advantages of using a Weigh Pad

Weigh Pads provide a cost effective and portable solution for weighing vehicles of any size, shape and weight. They are a fraction of the cost of a Pit Type Weighbridge and arguably provide a better accuracy and repeatability. Another major advantage is that; a Weigh Pad can give you the weight of individual axil as compared to the Gross Weight of the Entire Weighbridge. The detailed list is given below

  • Low Cost
  • Moulded design and weight of the equipment is less than 25 kg. Hence easy to move
  • Plug and Play
  • Model approved by Weights and Measures department
  • May be used to Cross Check for Weighs from an existing Weighbridge
  • Provided in Wooden Packaging to assure Safe Delivery
  • Will show accurate weights on an uneven surface
  • Civil Foundation is NOT required
  • Low Profile
  • with built in Ramps
  • Light in weight, and convenient transportation
  • Rugged, Reliable and Accurate
  • Thin surface of less than 30 mm for easy run-through of vehicles overweight pads
  • Renowned for its l Suitable for Industrial applications such as Axle Load Survey, Mines, Ports, Automobile Industries etc.
  • Longer operational life, negligible maintenance, and rigid design
  • Ideal for Industrial applications such as Mines, Ports, Axle Load Survey, Automobile Industries etc.

What is so unique about Hindustan Scale Company’s HSCWP Series

At Hindustan Scale Company, we understand that measuring the weight of a Vehicle is priority. Doing in in a cost effective way is all the more important. We at HSCo constantly innovate and engineer our products so that you can be sure that you get the latest Technology at the most affordable cost.

Introducing the Fifth Generation of Portable Axle Weigh Pad from Hindustan Scale Company in the form of HSCWPXXX Series. It combines the latest weighing scale technology with Mechanical Design Benefits to give fast, accurate and reliable readouts. We have made the Fifth Generation such that it can run on rechargeable batteries and give you more than 50 hours of continuous use

The following are the advantages of the HSCWP series over the ordinary Weigh Pads available in the market

  • Battery Backup of upto 50 hours. Now you can carry your weigh Pads to the remotest location without worrying that it will run out of batteries
  • Optional extra Battery Packs, to make sure that you can use the HSCWP Series Weigh Pad without stopping
  • With 20 micro Loadcells Cells connected in each Weigh pad, you can be sure that where ever the wheel of the vehicle is on the weighing platform you will get accurate and reliable readings
  • It has a larger Weighing Surface as compared with other Weighing Pads. This means that Bigger and Heavier vehicles can now be weighed on the new HSCWP Series
  • It has an extremely low profile of 40 mm or less. This means that vehicles can easily move up the ramp and stay stable
  • The HSCo Intellinet Indicator uses a dynamic Motion Algorithm, which means that even if the vehicle is not stationary and just moves over the weigh Pad, the weight is still captured.
  • The HSCWP series comes with a maximum capacity of upto 20 tons per axil
  • The HSCWP series is Machined from Light Weight Aluminium composite. This means we are able to keep weigh below 25 kgs but will give you the strength of a 5 mm Mild Steel Low Carbon Steel.
  • The HSCWP series uses a Dynamic Intelligent Loadcell arrangement meaning that even if the weigh pads are not on a level surface, the weigh will be still accurate.

Why should you purchase the Hindustan Scale Company’s HSCWP Series?

  • The HSCWP Series Weigh Pads comes with a Caballed or Wireless option.
  • The HSCWP Series Weigh Pads come with a plug and play option of connectivity to your Windows Desktop or Laptop
  • The HSCWP Series Weigh Pads comes with a Three years’ warranty.
  • The HSCWP Series Weigh Pads are Water resist and Dust Resist.

Who should get it?

If you face the following problems, you should consider the HSCWP series

  • Space Constraints to install a full Fledged Weighbridge
  • Sparing Use
  • Budget Constraints
  • Weighing Vehicles of varying sizes and shapes
  • Need a mobile model that can easily be moved around
  • Easy to store
  • May not be used for Commercial Purpose