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HSCo Wet Mix Batching Plant – HSCOWMP

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Just like the Dry Mix Series, the HSCo Wet Mix Plant also has the following components

  • Feeding Process,
  • Storage of Raw Materials
  • Admixture for mixing the raw materials,
  • Conveyance

The system works very similar to the Dry Mix Plant i.e. the raw materials are stored either in the holding pens or in Silos. As per the parameter settings in the HSCo BWT application, these are then added to the mixing process.

The important part here is that in the Mixing Process, the powder is first thoroughly mixed and then the determined amount of water is added. So at the final stage, powder is not dispensed but ready concrete is dispensed.

The advantages of using the HSCo Wet Mix Batching Plant is as follows

  • Since ready to use Concrete is released, the consistency is very high across all batches.
  • It has a particular advantage when the distance between the Construction site and the Batching Plant is less.

Since the entire process of concrete is in your control, the quality of the output is higher as compared to the Dry Mix Plants.

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