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It is equipped with a High Precision Aluminium Strain Gauge Sensor System that doesn’t rust. Additionally, SRS260 has a TARE option to weigh different types of ingredients put in the same container. It is best used when you have to measure certain liquids or powders which can be put in a bowl on the machine. Tare the machine and it will show zero.

Now take the weight of the liquid or powder separately. 6 Months Warranty for Manufacturing Defect.The design of the weighing scale is splash-resistant. So you can freely use it in your kitchen without worrying about liquid seeping into the scale. The scale is accurate up to 1 gms. An extremely important feature for infants and adults having a water retention problem

Product Specifications
  • Model – SRS260
  • Color – Black
  • Warranty – 6 Months  for Manufacturing Defect
  • Maximum Capacity – 10 kg
  • Accuracy – 1 g
  • Material – ABS Plastic
  • Unit Available – gm,lb,oz,ml
  • Buttons – Pcs, On/OFF, Mode, Tare
  • Display Size – 65 mm x 25 mm
  • Scale Dimension – 245 mm x 240 mm x 70 mm
  • Display Type – LCD
  • Display Light – Blue
  • Special Feature – Auto Power Off
  • Button – ON/OFF, Zero
  • Power Source –Built-in lithium Batteries, AAA Batteries, USB Charging
  • Included Components – Scale, 2 AAA Batteries, Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.567 kg
Dimensions 19 × 24 × 3 cm