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Renting Weighing scales or weights is an ideal solution for fulfilling short term/ immediate weighing demands. We at Hindustan Scale understand this from the customer’s business perspective and have introduced an innovative concept of renting scales, weights or measures for short term or long term usage.

  • You have an immediate inventory control to do and do not want to buy scales just for a few hours. We rent out a variety of Digital Counter/ Platform Scales
  • Your scales can’t handle your peak-season overload or you have a scale breakdown. We rent out a variety of Platform Scales to help you get through these tough times
  • You have built an odd sized equipment and want to weigh it before shipping to its final destination. We rent you Crane Scales/Weigh bridges that are perfect for weighing any odd-shaped items
  • You can’t afford to wait for a truckload of your goods to be weighed at a Weighbridge. We rent out compact Wheel Weighers so that you can weigh all your trucks without them ever having to leave your premises
  • Your weighing application is really unique. We will design an equally unique rent out plan and product just for you.

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