Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari

Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari


This Company was created by me as it followed my own story where I happened to gain 20 kgs of weight 6 years back due to my pregnancy. I was also going through a bad Phase Health wise. One day I decided to start my own journey in a positive way where I managed to lose 20 kgs of weight and gain back my confidence. That’s what became my passion and it led me to study nutrition and put my step forward in building Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari.

It’s a motivation to work and learn new things everyday as health and nutrition is a vast subject. The diet what I plan, is based on healthy living wherein I believe it’s not a temporary plan, but a permanent lifestyle adaptation that you gain following the diet plan by me. It is necessary to understand the importance of healthy eating as many people believe in short term diets as they expect faster results but the reality check is when they gain access weight once they stop the short term diet plans. If you eat all the nutrients in a balanced quantity you will never be deficient of any micro nutrients. Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari aims at making the plan so interesting with a lot of variant options provided for all the meals which doesn’t lead to boredom while following the diet plan.

Five Tips to follow during Lockdown that would keep you Healthy


  • Drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day. This may sound like a lot but its essential. Because we sit in Air Conditioned rooms and are focussed towards work, we supress our natural tendency to drink water. But that suppression is what is leading to hypertension and kidney stones. In women it leads to UTI. Fun fact – Brain is 80% water. If you want to be fresh and energised throughout the day, drink water throughout the day.
  • Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if you hate them, eat them as a medicine. There are more than 200 diseases that are caused by not eating FRESH produce. We are lucky living in India where the price of fresh produce is less than processed foods. In the western and developed countries it’s the opposite. So use the advantage that you have to live longer and healthier
  • NEVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST. I cannot stress this enough. During the night the body slows down. It doesnot reactivate unless its given a boost of energy. That’s why its essential to have a good breakfast. Not just have a light beverage. Have a good breakfast and you will see the difference in energy levels throughout the day. You may have a light lunch and dinner. But never a light breakfast.
  • Make a list of things that you want to get from the supermarket and stick to it. This will subconsciously help you not to buy Junk and Sugars that are toxins for your body (Accordingly to me, its sugar that is slowly decreasing your life). Avoid processed foods.
  • I believe that every body is a different. So its no point generalizing the Diets. What will work for one person, might not work for someone else. So leave a message on my facebook or Instagram page @Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari. I will be sure to reply to all your queries. Also don’t forget to like us.

I used to use a different weighing scale when I started with business which was quite heavy and difficult to carry but since the time I stared using the Bluetooth machine from Hindustan Scale Company I have been at ease as it measures entire body parameters like fats, muscle, water percentage and BMI on its app and its easily portable .I recommend this scale to all my clients as it’s quite economic ,portable and can be utilized by al the family members .I highly recommend the weighing scales with confidence.

Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari is a one stop solution to all your weight loss and weigh gain issues. Every plan is especially tailored by me, and is a simple but effective way towards your healthy lifestyle goals

Why Healthy Diets by Saloni Kothari? Well, unlike other nutritionists, I regularly follow up with you, and just like a personal trainer will push you towards achieving your goal of being healthy and loosing weight. I monitor all your parameters using the Alpha SRS472 bluetooth scale that is highly portable and gives more than BMI parameters on your mobile phone.


Saloni Kothari, is one of the foremost Nutritionists in Mumbai. She has coached various Business personalities such as Akash Doshi (Owner of Sure Fix and Slick Fix), Vaishali Doshi (Owner and chief stylist of Vaishali Doshi Jewels), Varun Jhunjhunwala (Chief Officer of Momente Weddings) and Jigar Satra (owner of Reliable Prints).

How to Maintain a Commercial Weighing Scale?

10 Steps to Maintain a Commercial Weighing Scale


  • Service it regularly

This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. A Weighing scale is just like any other piece of Machinery. It needs Maintenance and care. If you donot have the time to do it, you can outsource this to Hindustan Scale Company (HSCo) with an AMC plan. This includes four preventive maintenance visits of the weighing scale and the Government Stamping costs.


  • Change the battery at least once in Two years

The batteries that HSCo uses in weighing scale will give you 465 cycles of complete charging and discharging cycles. This means that you can completely charge and discharge the battery 465 times, before the battery starts losing its power to hold the charge. In short, the more you use the battery, the more frequently it will have to be replaced.

If you use the scale in an area which has frequent power cuts, then you would need to change the battery preferably once in a year. On the other hand, if you use the scales continuously on power supply and rarely on battery, you may change the battery once in two years.

We would recommend that once in a week, let your scale run completely on the battery until it discharges. Then plug it in to let it charge as usual. This will keep the acid active in the Battery.

If your battery is not working and you use the scale only on light, you would probably think that its ok. Well its not. The reason is that there are various ICs in the motherboard of the scale that need power even when the scale is switched off. The batter does this. If your battery doesnot work, then your scale may show you erratic weights.


  • Stamp it by the Government once a year

Well, if you don’t do this, you are liable for a fine of upto 25,000/-. The stamping would be a fraction of this cost. Why do you want to risk it? It’s not worth it.

Also, before being verified by the Legal Metrology Department, you scale will be thoroughly checked by the Inspectors. They will reject the scale if it shows you the wrong weight. Atleast that is the time. If not earlier, that you will get to check the weighing scale.

If you are covered under the HSCO – CARE Plan, then HSCo will take care of the Legal Metrology Stamping and you donot need to worry about it. For the rest of the guys. Please be careful of the fine. Its really steep.

What is Government Stamping and Why is it So Important?


  • Check the scale with a stand weight at the start of the new day

Take a weight that is approximate 10% of your scale’s weighing capacity and keep it handy. Check the weight at the start of each day when you start using the scale. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR PRECISION SCALES, because slight humidity and pressure changes can change the reading of high precision scale. Invest in Weights. It will pay for itself within- months.


  • Keep it away from Moisture.

Moisture affects the motherboard and all electronic components of the weighing scale. The more the moisture, the more the problems in the weighing scales. I have written a blog on how to protect your weighing scale from moisture. Read the blog here.

Just a note. All HSCo Weighing Scale use the Blue Whale Technology Motherboards (BWT) that are moisture resist.

Why is Technology so important in weighing scales?


What is the Advantage of a Waterproof Scale?

  • Always ensure that the scale has a constant power supply and there is no fluctuations in power

Erratic power is bad for any electronic Device. An electronic Scale is no exception. Always use a power supply that gives a constant power supply. IN cities, you may get a stable supply. In smaller towns the power fluctuations are more common. Same is the case when its an MIDC area or an area where there is a community generator.

HSCo scales use an internal power stabilizer chips that would be able to filter out most of the peaks and troughs in the power supply. However, its advisable to use a spike guard


  • Donot overload the scale

This is an Absolute No. Overloading will rupture your Loadcell, and your weighing scale will become useless. NEVER EVER overload the Weighing scale.

HSCo Scales use Loadcell that are rated 100% its overload capacity. That means that if there is a 100 kg weighing scale, we use a 200 kg Loadcell to manufacture it. And the Loadcell also has a 100% overload capacity. Meaning that the 200 kg Loadcell can tolerate 400 kg of force on its application point. However, we still recommend that you donot overload the weighing scales.


  • Don’t bang your product on the scale

The Loadcell (even known as the sensor) of the weighing scale is rated in terms of KgF. This means it measures force rather than weight. So when you bang something on the Weighing scales plate, the equivalent amount of force is transmitted to the Load Cell. If the Force is more than the rated maximum force, then the Loadcell will rupture and you will have to replace it.


  • Charge the battery regularly

The battery gives a constant power supply to all the processors and components of the weighing scale. Like your mobile phone, it has to be charged regularly.


  • Keep your Weights and Measures Certificate Handy,

As per law, you have to display the Legal Meteorology Certificate prominently where the weighing scale is being used. Else you are liable for a fine. So if you have not already done, put the certificate in a accessible location where the customer and user of the weighing scale can see it. Keep the certificate like this, will also constantly remind you of when is the stamping due date.

Should I buy Weighing Scales from Amazon?

Should I Buy a Weighing Scale from Amazon?

Before answering this, my question to you is what type of scale are you planning to buy? Is it a domestic scale like a personal scale, kitchen scale, pocket scale or a luggage scale? Or is it a commercial scale that you want it for your business?


Let’s break it down into whether you want to buy Domestic Scale or Commercial scale.

If you want to buy a Domestic Scale, amazon is a good place to buy. It has got ample of sellers who offer different types of weighing scales. The range is fabulous.  However most of them are imported. So I would suggest that you buy from a reputed seller (Like Alpha ;)). Now the tricky part is that all the scales as per the Indian Metrological Department has to be stamped. Most of the sellers on Amazon donot even have a licence of selling a scale, getting it stamped from the Legal Metrological department is a far cry. But after all its for domestic purpose or home use…. So though it’s not OK, its OK. You don’t even get a GST rebate, but who cares.

Sample Warranty Card
Sample Warranty Card

Situation becomes much trickier when we come to commercial weighing scales. Because when you are doing business with a weighing scale, you definitely need to get the weights and measures certificate. Else you are in a lot of trouble. You also need to have a proper bill of the seller mentioning his GST number, his dealer/manufacturer licence number and so on. I have seen some of my customer’s order online and they have received NOTHING. The bill doesnot do not have a license number nor does it have a GST number. This is dangerous not only from the business point of view but also from the legal point of view. In addition to this, compared to the life of an imported scale, the life of a commercial scale is much longer (In our case its more than eight years). It also has a warranty associated (in our case all commercial scales have a warranty of two years). When you buy the scale from Amazon and its shipped from Haryana, how will you claim the warranty.


Additionally, there is a rule in the Legal metrology department that if the scale is more than 50 kgs in capacity then it has to have the same state stamping. In this case if the seller is in Haryana, you will have to Restamp the scale locally again.

So I am not recommending nor am I suggesting that you donot take scales from Amazon, or any online market place, but I have kept the facts in front of you.


Why is Technology so important in weighing scales?

What is the IN THING in Weighing Scales?

First we need to understand what exactly is a Digital Weighing Scale. A Weighing Scale has a Loadcell – Which is essentially a balanced wheatsons bridge connected to a potentiometer. When a force is applied the wheatson’s bridge becomes unbalanced, and gives a voltage reading at the potentiometer. This is picked up by the ADC counter and converted into a digital output that is finally displayed on the screen. Yes. That’s it, its that simple

.Wheatsons Bridge in Weighing Scales

If the above was Greek and Latin for you, in simple words, the weighing scale is a very simple device. It has a Loadcell, that detects the weight and it has an indicator that shows the weight.

Now if its so simple whey do you need technology in a weighing scale at all. It shouldn’t be that complicated right? Well, as customers want more and more features into a weighing scale, and as they demand even greater precision, that’s where technology comes in. So ten years back, you could have a weighing scale which would have nothing but a Loadcell, very rudimentary A to D convertor and the display unit. As we made more feature packed scales, we started using microprocessors, having speeds of 1500 Mhz for the weighing scale. Compare this with the chipset in 1990s where 500 Hz was more than enough.

The following is a sample chipset from Hindustan Scale Company’s Weighing Scale.HSCo Motherboard for Weighing Scales


Motherboard used in our scales in 2016

Old HSCo Weighing Scale Motherboard
Old HSCo Weighing Scale Motherboard

The newer one has atleast 200 times more processing power and 20,000 times more memory. You could run a computer on our newer version of Motherboards.We have to use this powerful Motherboards to give you a higher accuracy and sensitivity of the weighing scales. So if we say that Hindustan Scale Co (HSCo) Motherboards have an internal count of 30,00,000, it means that the Motherboard will pick up even the 1 in 30,00,000 variations in ADC count.

These weighing scale Motherboard are designed and developed by the Blue Whale Technologies – BWT

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