What is a BMI Scale and Should I Buy One?

Let us First Understand what is a BMI Scale

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. The BMI Value is derived from two values. The height of the person and the weights of the person. It is normally used to define of a person is overweight, normal weight or underweight or obese. Newer models also include the weight and the Sex of the person to come up with a more accurate picture of BMI.

At Hindustan Scale Company, our engineers developed a weighing scale that would take all the above parameters into consideration while giving the accurate reading of the person’s BMI reading. Hence we came up with the SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale model of BMI scales. The SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale model uses four highly sensitive Stainless Steel probes to send a ping of a very high frequency (completely harmless to humans and perfectly safe for pregnant women and children). These frequencies bounce off the head and are reflected back into the probes. Based an the resistance, frequencies and wavelengths of the return ping a complex algorithm running on Hindustan Scale Company’s (HSCo) proprietary chipset gives you the accurate BMI reading.

Alpha BMI App Photo
Alpha BMI App Photo

The SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale has the following measurements that you can track

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Fat
  • Muscle
  • Visceral Fat
  • Bone Mass
  • Metabolism.
SRS 471 Alpha BMI Scale
SRS 471 Alpha BMI Scale

This is how the scale works.

Log onto to your google playstore and type in ALPHA BT (or scan the below QR code) and enter the credentials on the app. Enter your height, year of birth and Gender. Now pair the device with the phone and you are good to go. The scale will show all the above parameters in your phone as soon as you stand on it.

Refer to the HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale here or you can also visit our website for the same (use the link if the scanner doesnot work)


QR code of Alpha BT App
QR code of Alpha BT App

Why should you buy the HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale? Well, why shouldn’t you? It gives you more BMI parameters than any other weighing scale. HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale has a warranty of one year. HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale is made of tempered glass and even though it is slim and only 700 gms, it can take on 180 kgs of weight. Once you put in the batteries, HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale should work for more than 8 months without a battery change. YOU CANNOT GET A BETTER DEAL THAN HSCo SRS 471 – Alpha BMI Scale.

And yes. It costs a fraction of the cost than the more expensive BMI Scales in the market such as OMRON and similar brands.

You may visit the ALPHA Scales website at www.alphascales.in

Alpha Scales
Alpha Scales
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