Should I buy Weighing Scales from Amazon?

Should I Buy a Weighing Scale from Amazon?

Before answering this, my question to you is what type of scale are you planning to buy? Is it a domestic scale like a personal scale, kitchen scale, pocket scale or a luggage scale? Or is it a commercial scale that you want it for your business?


Let’s break it down into whether you want to buy Domestic Scale or Commercial scale.

If you want to buy a Domestic Scale, amazon is a good place to buy. It has got ample of sellers who offer different types of weighing scales. The range is fabulous.  However most of them are imported. So I would suggest that you buy from a reputed seller (Like Alpha ;)). Now the tricky part is that all the scales as per the Indian Metrological Department has to be stamped. Most of the sellers on Amazon donot even have a licence of selling a scale, getting it stamped from the Legal Metrological department is a far cry. But after all its for domestic purpose or home use…. So though it’s not OK, its OK. You don’t even get a GST rebate, but who cares.

Sample Warranty Card
Sample Warranty Card

Situation becomes much trickier when we come to commercial weighing scales. Because when you are doing business with a weighing scale, you definitely need to get the weights and measures certificate. Else you are in a lot of trouble. You also need to have a proper bill of the seller mentioning his GST number, his dealer/manufacturer licence number and so on. I have seen some of my customer’s order online and they have received NOTHING. The bill doesnot do not have a license number nor does it have a GST number. This is dangerous not only from the business point of view but also from the legal point of view. In addition to this, compared to the life of an imported scale, the life of a commercial scale is much longer (In our case its more than eight years). It also has a warranty associated (in our case all commercial scales have a warranty of two years). When you buy the scale from Amazon and its shipped from Haryana, how will you claim the warranty.


Additionally, there is a rule in the Legal metrology department that if the scale is more than 50 kgs in capacity then it has to have the same state stamping. In this case if the seller is in Haryana, you will have to Restamp the scale locally again.

So I am not recommending nor am I suggesting that you donot take scales from Amazon, or any online market place, but I have kept the facts in front of you.


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